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Worry-free travel

Always ensure that there will be no unanticipated problems. Have a look at our travel insurances!

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Een nieuwe woning

Our house

Would you like to insure your house against potential damage such as fire, burglary, natural hazards? We offer you the right insurance policy with the right cover.

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Mijn oude dag

My old age

How can you achieve a maximum return on your pension? 

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Insured on the road

A new or second-hand car? We offer insurance policies with competitive premiums, great terms and conditions, and excellent service.

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Your business

Certainly, doing business is taking risks. However, you can easily reduce or exclude a number of risks. 
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Your people

A business often offers a group pension scheme for its employees. You can take out a group pension scheme for as few as one employee at many of the insurers with which we collaborate.
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Mijn oude dag

For yourself

No longer being able to work or only being able to work half of the original number of hours, due to illness or an accident. Imagine it happens to you. 
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Boogaard Insurances

Why choose Boogaard Insurances?                                       

Boogaard Insurances prioritises the interests of its customers! Thanks to our position in the financial market, we are able to offer reliable and transparent advice that fits your preferences and needs.

We are not tied to a single insurance company, but can select the best price-quality combination from the large assortment offered by various companies. In this manner, you are always perfectly insured at what is moreover an extra advantageous cost.

Our objective is to maintain a long-term relationship with our customers, in which we can offer full-service solutions. Everything for your family, business, insurance, and pension.

This offers convenience: everything taken care of at a single address, personal advice at your home or in our office, with a fixed contact person, and swift and direct contact via phone or e-mail. Multiple insurance policies in a single package with an attractive discount.

As a qualified and expert consultancy broker, Boogaard very much values providing personal and involved services. In our services, we apply the following core values: involvement, professional, independent, personal, swift, and transparent.

Financial services are the outcome of human effort. Therefore, our advisers gladly make time for you. They spare no effort to provide you with proper advice. This starts with taking stock of your personal situation. Based on this analysis, we will extensively research what the most suitable solution for you is within our broad assortment of products and services.

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